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Monitoring Applications


 The 7th Estate develops monitoring applications to watch the actions of its client’s competitors.  These custom setups can range from watching any changes to websites, blogs, and social media to watching very complex ad campaigns.  Our goal is to never let your competition catch you off guard.  

Cyber Investigations


Our Investigators help corporate, attorney, and professional clients with a myriad of complex problems.  These range from hacking, stalking, eaves dropping, to data breach.  If its complex in the hi-tech & cyber worlds, our team can help. 

Brand & Reputation


We assist corporate counsel, executives, attorneys, celebrities & professionals with evolving reputation & brand problems.  These services range from ID of anonymous attackers, location & removal of harmful web material, and expert testimony. 

Digital & Computer Forensics


 Our specialists help develop critical, forensic evidence for use in criminal & civil cyber cases involving electronic devices and the Internet.  Given our volume of experience, our team can help target the key data needed and provide expert testimony. 

ID Services


 More than ever corporations, attorneys, celebrities, security professionals, investigators, human resources, law enforcement, and high net-worth individuals are needing to identify anonymous actors online in support of legal or corporate action. 

Custom Investigations


 Corporations, Boards and Executives are now faced with potential liabilities that range from vendor fraud, cyber threats, regulatory compliance, hacktivists to social media backlash. At The 7th Estate we are able to customize intelligence reports to meet your specific needs 

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About Us

Dedicated to integrity and excellence, we provide investigations, monitoring, security and deep web intelligence related to complex threats impacting our clients.

As cyber threats continue to change the corporate and professional landscape, we continually adopts its tools and tactics to provide our customers top-level support.

Combined our firm is backed with decades of experience including Secret Service Presidential Protection, Financial and Electronic Fraud Investigations; Open Source Intelligence and Cybersecurity; Counter Extremism and Disinformation; Gang Task Force and Law Enforcement.